Sales Pipeline

CoverCore helps registered advisors fill their sales pipeline with high intent qualified leads.

  • Use Branded CoverCore materials

    Full use of CoverCore logo on website and business cards.

  • Dashboard

    Shows how many times the agent is viewed, accepted, quoted, bind request, bound and paid.

  • Over 15,000 qualified leads

    Our high intent leads convert at an 32% average rate.

  • Includes lead nurturning

    An omni-channel lead nurturing system is used to record all consumer interactions and end with a qualified transfer to a licensed agent.


Our technology mission and vision is to help bring the insurance buying experience to the platforms and providers consumers trust. Our API tools include: Get an Agent, Quote Request, Bind Request and Payment.

Traditional Values

  • Face-to-Face meeting upon binding
  • Auto-Record feature for future reference
  • At least one CoverCore meeting every 6 months
  • Respond as a helpful claims advocate when claims occur

Discover our products

Today, our product includes nonstandard, standard and preferred personal lines auto.

  • Auto

    Nonstandard, Standard and Preferred

  • Home

    Renters, Low Value Home, Standard Home and High Value Home

  • Business

    Professional Liability and Cyber Liability

Multiple Carriers

  • Comparative Rater

    Access to a proven multi-carrier rating tool is included.

  • Direct Carrier Access

    As an aggregator, we give our best agents direct access to carrier rating portals.

  • Carrier Matching

    Provide a wide selection of regional and national, standard and non-standard carriers.

Our Partners

A Level of Mastery

Top training include

  • Product Training

    Specific product and cross sell training for CoverCore products.

  • Claims Training

    With claims checklist. How to be non-confrontational and helpful.

  • Technology

    How to integrate new lead sources using CoverCore API’s

Get Paid

  • Competitive Commissions

  • Be an Independent Contractor

  • Work on your own schedule

  • E&O included for all CoverCore placements